Zyora™ is an advanced, yet affordable range of daily nutritional supplements,
scientifically designed to support physical and mental wellbeing for the whole family.
Zyora™ celebrates the many roles that we play in life, and our mission is to empower
and inspire you on your journey to health and wellness.

Empowering you with a healthier immune system

60’s capsules

◉ Vitamin C 1000mg

  • Supports immune system function

◉ Vitamin D3 1000 IU

  • Modulates immune system & reduces inflammation

◉ OptiZinc®

  • Superior absorption & retention form of zinc

20’s effervescent

◉ Vitamin C 1000mg

  • Supports immune system function

◉ Vitamin D3 1000 IU

  • Modulates immune system & reduces inflammation

◉ Zinc 10mg

  • Antiviral & antibacterial immunity

Empowering you with a healthier immune system

Empowering you to manage stress and anxiety

30’s capsules

Herbal & amino acid combination supplement to help support relaxation:

◉ Reduces stress and anxiety

◉ Increases focus and concentration

◉ Does not cause drowsiness

30’s capsules

zycumin contains a super charged combination of:

Patented NovaSOL® Curcumin & 

◉ Vitamin D3

For reducing inflammation

Empowering you to reduce inflammation

Empowering you with chelated iron to relieve fatigue

30’s capsules

Iron supplement made with chelated Ferrochel® iron, Vitamin B12 and folate.

◉ Ferrochel® iron

  • Superior absorption & no gastric upset

◉ Vitamin B12

  • Enhances iron absorption & increases energy levels

◉ Folate as Quatrefolic®

  • Metabolically active form of folate for red blood cell formation

30’s duocaps

zycoll® duocap is a capsule-in-capsule delivery system delivering high quality beauty nutrients where you need it most.

◉ Inner capsule 

  • of beauty nutrients floating inside an

◉ Outer capsule 

  • of omega-3 fatty acids

Empowering you to rejuvenate beauty from within

Empowering your brain & heart to stay on top of its game

30’s and 60’s softgels

zykrill® is made with SuperbaBoost omega-3 krill oil from the pristine Antarctic waters:

◉ Phospholipid bound omega-3’s

  • Superior absorption compared to fish oil 

◉ Choline

  • 121% better

◉ Astaxanthin

  • Potent antioxidant keeping zykrill® fresh naturally

30’s capsules

Made with clinically proven UC-II® collagen: 

◉ Reduces joint pain

◉ Supports joint comfort, mobility & function

◉ 1 small capsule a day

Empowering you to reclaim mobility

Empowering you with optimal bone support

60’s tablets

All-in-one calcium supplement with:

◉ Magnesium glycinate

  • Essential for absorption & metabolism
  • Prevention of muscle cramps & constipation

◉ Vitamin D3

  • Enhance calcium absorption & bone growth

◉ Vitamin K2 (as VitaMK7)

  • Activates the bone protein (osteocalcin) to bind calcium into bone

60’s capsules

zymood™ is a serotonin support formula made with 5-HTP & folate (as Quatrefolic®), Vitamin B6 & B12 to:

◉ Regulate sleep

◉ Elevate mood

◉ Control appetite

Empowering you to rediscover happiness

Empowering you to renew vitality

Empowering you with renewed vitality

60’s capsules

zyB+™ is a super concentrated Vitamin B complex supplement to reduce stress induced fatigue & increase energy levels, and is made with:

◉ Vitamin B12 as patented MecobalActive®

  • Activated form of methylcobalamin B12
  • Best absorbed Vitamin B12
  • Remains in the body longer and at higher levels

◉ Folate as Extrafolate-S®

  • Biologically active folate & ready to be used by the body

◉ 7 other B Vitamins

◉ Delayed Release capsules

30’s effervescent

Empowering you with a balanced body and mind

◉ Complete spectrum of 12 vitamins & 10 minerals

◉ Activated Vitamin B12

  • Reduces physical tiredness & fatigue 
  • Nervous system support

◉ Vitamin C, selenium & zinc

  • Immune system support

◉ Calcium & magnesium

  • Strong bones & muscle


Empowering you with a balanced body and mind

Empowering you to go all day long

10’s & 30’s effervescent

Empowering you to go all day long

◉ Magnesium 250mg

  • Prevent & treat cramps 
  • Support energy production 

◉ Activated Vitamin B12 - 50 µg

  • Reduce physical tiredness & fatigue 
  • Additional energy boost 

◉ Vitamin C 200mg

  • Immune system support 

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